Breast cancer prevention


Bioimpedance Spectroscopy

for effective breast cancer prevention


Risk of breast cancer

Regular checks can significantly reduce the risk and xerascopy® can make a significant contribution to breast cancer prevention.

Breast cancer rates remain alarming.
  • 72,000 women in Germany develop breast cancer every year. (Source: Robert Koch Institute)
  • 17,000 women die of breast cancer in Germany every year. (Source: Robert Koch Institute)
  • Around 97,000 persons die each year from breast cancer in the EU. (Source: Eurostat, base EU28)

It is currently being noted that there is a constant downward shift in the age limit of those affected. This results in a lasting reduction in the quality of life in almost all areas. The previously known early detection methods often take effect too late.

xerascopy® helps identify high-risk patients without pain or radiation, even those with dense breast tissue, so as to quickly and effectively orient them towards suitable treatment procedures.

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the new technology in breast cancer prevention

Using special applicators highly sensitive electrodes are applied to measure impedances of the female breast within a few minutes only

The results provide reliable information about tissue structures and clearly define cancer risks or possibly a pre-existing condition.

With xerascopy® you can take early precautions and significantly reduce your risk.

Xera3 BIS Device

The benefits of


Long before any tissue changes are diagnosed using palpation or other methods, they can be detected by xerascopy®.


No exposure to X-rays.

Sensation of pain

No compression of the breast, the examination is completely painless.

Duration of the examination

The measurement takes an average of 8 minutes.


The procedure is compatible with all age groups, also in case of dense breast tissue, and may be applied without restrictions, nor side effects.


Early detection
can save lives

Breast cancer in its early stages does not usually cause any symptoms or pain and is therefore often discovered late. Early detection improves the chances of success significantly and can thus save lives!

The cure rate depends significantly on the stage of the illness.

Due to its methodology and functionality the examination may be carried out without restrictions, regardless of age or breast density.

Being a non-invasive procedure, the examination may be repeated as often as desired.


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